Gymdeck is a new mobile app aimed at disorganised personal trainers

Gymdeck is a new mobile app that allows fitness professionals like personal trainers to manage their diaries, clients and payments in one app. It’s launching on iPhone & Android, with plans to roll it out across other platforms and is targeting the combined £70m US / UK market of fitness professionals. The company is self-funded.

It would apprear there is a problem it’s solving. Gymdeck says fittness professionals lose an average of about £400-£500 a month relying on pen and paper – anf they are not known to be the most organised of people I gather.

It’s an interesting move because there are already a lot of consumer apps, like Daily Burn, but very few for B2B.

The team consists of Aléna Dundas (Founder & CEO) and company advisors Ciprian Morar (Lateral & Travelzoo) & Emi Gal (Brainient) and a dev team in Romania.