Rock Star On The Outside…Gadget Junkie On The Inside: An Interview With Richard Patrick From FILTER (NSFW Language)

Late at night, in the bowels of the Austin Music Hall, toward the end of the SXSW Music Festival 2011, I sat in a small nondescript room with Richard Patrick, the lead singer and leader of the rock band FILTER. While the noise-canceling on my makeshift camera rig and mic may have been kind enough to convince you otherwise, trust me…there was a piercing rock performance happening on the main stage, about 40 feet from us. It was a wonder we could concentrate or hear each other at all.

I spoke with several musicians at the festival and Richard definitely brought some humor and charisma to the conversation as we, in jest, discussed the gadget addictions of Rock Stars and the past and present technology employed by professional musicians. Video below.