Video Recording En Route To Steam?

It looks like Steam users will soon be able to record in-game video without the help of something like Fraps. So says a post nestled inside the forums.

Valve says the video recorder will be coming “very soon,” and that it intends to bring some of the Steam functionality to to mobile platforms, which is to say iOS and Android.

It’s big news in that, until now, the easiest way for gamers to record their videos, and upload them online, was to use something like Fraps. (I did exactly that about a year ago when I recorded video of me playing the Dolphin-emulated version of Resident Evil 4.) But now that you’ll be able record your Steam games without additional software, well, everything’s a little bit easier.

Then again, Fraps is useful for other things, too, such as taking video anywhere on your Windows desktop, and showing the framerate of various applications.