Firefox 4 Downloaded More Than 5 Million Times In 24 Hours (But That's Down From Firefox 3)

How many of the more than 7 million Firefox 4.0 downloads do you account for? Mozilla has a running counter that’s keeping track of how many people, and from where, have downloaded the latest version of its Firefox browser, which was officially released yesterday. The browsers wars are hotting up all over again.

You’ll recall that Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9 only a few weeks ago, but that would (obviously) only be of interest to Windows users.

Google, too, recently updated its Chrome browser.

Hardware acceleration has popped up in these browsers, meaning that those of you with any sort of discrete graphics card can experience a smoother ride, as it were. There’s also increased support for HTML5.

TweakGuides has a handy article that details some of the more power user things you can do with the Firefox 4.

The Beeb kindly points out that there seems to be less heat this time around. Back in 2008, Firefox 3 was downloaded by more than 8 million people in 24 hours. A little more than 5 million people downloaded Firefox 4 within 24 hours of its release.

Part of the decline in interest (if you can call it that) would have to be attributed to the quick adoption of Google Chrome since its introduction in September, 2008. Why download Firefox 4 if you’ve already moved onto Chrome?