Samsung Talks High Pixel Screens For Tablets

Samsung is pretty deep into the display business. So when they say that high-pixel-density tablet screens are still a ways off, we believe them. It could explain why iPad 2 didn’t get that rumored Retina display — after all, Apple has to buy its screens like anyone else. In the traditional Apple fashion, they haven’t been open about their screen development, but because Samsung makes the screens, their future timeline is pretty legitimate.

Samsung says they are continuously increasing pixel density and you can bet that their tablets will be first to get the upgrades. It’s worth noting that the pixel density on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is 170 ppi and the iPad 2 is 132 ppi, perhaps a density lead that Android tablets can maintain. Samsung suggests that in the near future, tablets resolution will stretch way past 1080p. Not only that, Samsung says they can do this while maintaining 8-10 hours of battery life. Truthfully, they need to hurry up and put an end to the swell of high-resolution (I mean “Retina”) display rumors.