Here Comes The Nook App Store (And Flash Support)

While the Nook Color may be a popular tablet for hacking, it’s also just a plain ol’ e-reader — or so they say. Now that they’re adding the Nook Store, a device-specific market for apps, like that on the Galaxy Tab.

These irregular devices can’t access the normal Android Marketplace, so they have to port and redo apps and then offer them via their own service. Sound like fun to you? Me neither. But if you’re not interested in hacking your Nook, this will be a good opportunity to get a little more functionality on there.

The information comes by way of HSN, where the April update, as they call it, is advertised as coming to HSN customers first. I’m guessing that means that Nook Color units will ship in April with the update installed, and HSN has the first batch. They mention watching Flash-based video, but don’t mention the Flash version number.

I’m sure there will be a more comprehensive look at the update in the next couple weeks; we’ll keep our eyes open.

Also! Question! I didn’t notice this before, but how the hell can HSN get away with this pricing?

Retail value, $500? Are you joking?

[via CNET]