It's now easy being green: Alven Capital pumps another €1 million into QuelleEnergie

Wondering how you can make your home more eco-friendly? That’s easy, just let QuelleEnergie do the math. The Paris-based company has developed a platform allowing users to receive customized advice on how to maximize their energy efficiency. Users simply answer some 20 basic questions about their homes – including the size, shape, date of construction, roof type, etc.) – and QuelleEnergie then proposes a number of possible solutions: a solar water heater, a timed or programed heating system, solar panels, etc. And now Alven Capital is investing another €1 million into the company to make it even easier to be green.

Alven Capital had made an initial investment of €500K in QuelleEnergie in January 2010. The company founded in 2008 helped over 80K people become more energy efficient last year. The service is currently only available in France and the platform is stil only in French. Therefore, this round of funding will likely go to further developing QuelleEnergie’s offers in France – including reinforcing the company’s marketing efforts and increasing the number of installation partners to 1,200.

The French competitor of US-based EnergySavvy joins and Smallable as Alven Capital’s most recent investments. Alven has announced investments totaling to €6.5 million since the beginning of this year.