Tritton AX 120: For Xbox 360 Gamers Looking To Dip Their Toe Into Higher Quality Audio

Xbox 360 gamers have another choice when it comes to fancy-pants headsets, coming to you by way of Mad Catz. The Tritton AX 120 is now available, and it’s being positioned as an entry level headset into the world of higher end gaming headsets. You know, because you really need to be able to hear your CODBLOPS opponents yell “you suck~!” in crystal clear quality!

The headphones, around $60, come with many of the features you’d find elsewhere. Probably the biggest worth mentioning is the separate controls for voice and other sounds—I believe SteelSeries was the first to come up with this on the Xbox 360 side of things.

Beyond that, they seem to be standard-issue; you won’t find Dolby Headphone or anything like that here. Then again, these are entry level, so there you go.