Cobra USB For PS3: In Case Jailbreaking Is Too Hard For You

It’s only a matter of time till Sony shuts these guys down, so better write about this quick. It’s called the Cobra USB, and presumably it has nothing to do with Santino Morella’s finishing move. Actually, no, I know it has nothing to do with Sanitno, for it’s a USB dongle that unlocks a few handy features, including region free Blu-ray playback and the ability to play DVD ISOs right from the PS3’s hard drive.

Clearly this is not an official product, and, again, I wouldn’t be shocked if these guys are shut down by the time this post hits the front page.

You can also play PS1 and PSP ISOs from the hard drive. Legal grey area says hi…

Not that jailbreaking your PS3 is hard, but this is plug-and-play, for the truly lazy among us. You will, of course, need an older firmware (3.41) to get it to work in the first place.

It should be available on April 11.