New Fancy iPhone Case Puts A Watch On The Back

Say, for sake of argument, you’re a moron. What kind of case would you put on your iPhone? Would it be inexpensive, made of rubber, and offer protection for your device? Or would it be made of delicate brown leather and feature a De Bethune pocket watch with a DB 1024 movement stuck on the back so you can read the time either by looking at your case or by, you know, turning the freaking thing around. This ignores the fact that you’d have a piece of metal close to your iPhone that is probably more delicate than the phone itself, thereby doubling the chance you’d blow the whole thing up when you drop it.

I’d just buy a watch, but that’s just me.

No pricing or availability, but remember that fools and their money are soon parted so expect this to cost a few thousand.

via LunxaryLaunches via GentlemansGadgets