Now That AT&T And T-Mobile Are Friends, Will The T-Mobile Girl Be Nice To The iPhone Guy?

We’ve all seen the ad above: nerdy AT&T guy takes punches from the cute T-Mobile girl. Sure, it works for them, but now that AT&T intends to acquire T-Mobile, what will happen to the commercials?

Don’t expect T-Mobile’s pitch woman to go anywhere just yet, the company said. T-Mobile is playing it safe, just in case the deal doesn’t get approved by the powers that be. “The ads continue to evolve as planned,” said T-Mobile spokesman Reid Walker. “Until the deal is completed, which could take up to a year, we are operating as usual — an independent company and our marketing strategy remains in place,” he added.

While the commercials will continue, it wouldn’t make sense for them to continue bashing their possible future parent. We bet that the next target will be the real competition: Verizon.