Sonos Pushes Android Controller App Launch 'Til April

Got some bad news bears this morning for the dozen or so Sonos owners looking forward to the Android app. (I kid, I kid) The company is not going to make their original “end of March” launch date. Apparently the app isn’t ready yet as the testing took a bit longer than expected. The free app’s launch date is now next month.

The company just sent over a short statement from the VP of Quality, Andrew Schulert, that says in short, “It’s not ready, yo. How does April sound?” My wording. His quote is after the jump.

“We know you’re anxiously awaiting the Sonos Controller for Android. Unfortunately, testing the app is taking a bit longer than we anticipated. The latest addition to our free controller line-up won’t arrive until April, but when it does, it is going to rock.”

-Andrew Schulert – Vice President, Quality, Sonos, Inc.

Note: Sonos is in the right here. They announced the app just last month and are pushing the launch a reasonable amount of time. The company explained the issue without too much fluff. Besides, Sonos is an established company and this app is just a fun little extra and not an integral part of a product’s ecosystem. They can get away with pushing it until the bugs are fully eradicated as it’s better to a good product late than a buggy product on time.