Gillmor Gang 3.26.11 (TCTV)

This week’s Gillmor Gang started off with a bunch of no-shows from Mike Arrington and Robert Scoble. Don’t know what happened to Mike, but @scobleizer was sandbagged by a rehearsal request for Ted X, whatever that is. So we hunkered down with Danny Sullivan, Kevin Marks, and John Taschek for a rousing trouncing of the vanishing television windowing system, as performed by NetFlix, Showtime, and various Mad Men.

Showtime is mad because Netflix is closing in on its 20 million subscribers. Mad Men are mad because AMC can’t close a deal for a fifth season without promising a sixth. Android is mad because it can’t get no respect from anyone but @kevinmarks, and I’m mad about the iPad 2. As in nuts. Ce n’est pas un app.