LinkedIn Uses Food Trucks And Free Coffee To Advertise Social News Platform

LinkedIn is using the food truck phenomenon to publicize the launch of its new social news product, LinkedIn Today. In San Francisco and New York, LinkedIn has hired food trucks to give away coffee at locations around both cities.

The trucks, which you can follow on Twitter here, are emblazoned with advertisements for LinkedIn Today. Similar to the way that food trucks use Twitter to advertise their locations, the LinkedIn Today trucks will be posting their locations in San Francisco and New York, for the entire week on the account.

As we wrote in our initial coverage of the new product, LinkedIn Today delivers the top stories you need to know from your professional network and industry. The social news platform aggregates the most shared news from professionals in your network and allows you to sharestories with your network, specific professionals or on Twitter.

It looks like LinkedIn is ramping up its marketing efforts as it prepares for a public offering in the coming months. Last week, LinkedIn co-founder and chairman Reid Hoffman sent a personalized note to the network’s early users, thanking the first 100,000 and million users for supporting the network in its early days.