Nasa Dropping James Cameron 3D Mars Rover Plans?


So much for that idea. Nasa is said to be having second thoughts about whether or not it will use James Cameron-supplied 3D lenses on its Curiosity Mars rover. The rover, which is scheduled to land on Mars in 2012, was to have a pair of 3D lenses bolted onto it, lenses that would have enabled the rover to take 3D footage of the planet’s surface.

Nasa is said to be shying away from the deal because of Cameron’s reputation for going over budget and over time with his projects. We all know that Nasa has approximately $47 to its name, so it’s not exactly in a position to be paying and waiting for Cameron.

Cameron isn’t too down, saying that even though it looks like Curitosty won’t have the 3D lenses, he’s “certain that this technology will play an important role in future missions.”

So while it’s definitely fun idea—3D footage of Mars~!—it may be a wee bit early and expensive for Nasa right now.