Nasa Pulls Plug On Director James Cameron's 3D Project

If James Cameron were to take all the revenues from both Titanic and Avatar, then he may be able to send his own mars rover to space. That’s the closest he’ll ever get to having his 3D tech blasted into orbit now that Nasa pulled the plug on his plans.

The Hollywood director along with San Diego-based tech firm, Malin Space Science Systems, had plans to install special 3D zoom-lenses on the mars rover named Curiosity, but Nasa says there just wasn’t enough time to test it before launch.

Cameron lobbied Nasa last year to install the special 3D motion cameras on Curiosity. The footage would then be used to bring 3D video content from space to the public. “While Curiosity won’t benefit from the 3-D motion imaging that the zooms enable, I’m certain that this technology will play an important role in future missions,” Cameron said.

[via The Telegraph]