New York Attorney General To Dig Into The AT&T/T-Mobile Deal

While AT&T continues to exude confidence that their planned acquisition of T-Mobile will get all the necessary approvals, it’s starting to look less and less likely. Many in the industry were already a bit dubious about the deal once we worked out that the top two carriers in the US (the AT&T/T-Mo mega carrier as #1, Verizon as #2) would account for nearly 80 percent of the market share. Just days after the announcement, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse announced his plans to battle the deal. Now, New York’s Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, is looking into the matter.

In a comment sent to Bloomberg:

“Affordable wireless service and technology, including smart phones and next generation handheld devices, are the bridge to the digital broadband future,” Schneiderman said today in an e- mailed statement. “We want to ensure all New Yorkers benefit from these important innovations that improve lives.”

Schneiderman’s main worries? The deal might have anti-competitive impacts, affecting those in such regions where there are already fewer wireless options to pick from.

Hey AT&T: those sharp, crackly things under your feet? Those are eggshells. You’re gonna be walkin’ on those for a long while.