Pick Or Skip Is Chatroulette, With Pants

For the small percentage of our readers who do not enjoy a random penis sighting, comes Pick or Skip, a cleaned-up version of Chatroulette.

The idea behind the new site was to build a safe and more structured experience on top of the random connection/conversation aspect that made Chatroulette such a craze last year.

To safeguard from unsightly sightings, Pick or Skip enforces email validation and the ability to report abuse. These reports are reviewed and could result in ‘naughty’ users being barred from the service completely.

The penis-free environment will surely be seen favorably by most, but Pick or Skip has a couple of more features that boost engagement. For example, users are able to enter language-centric versions of the site, specifically, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French. In that sense, it’s much more reminiscent of startups like Tinychat.

Then, Pick or Skip also boasts ‘channels’ in which users can attempt to have random conversations in. These include: Dating, Finance, Technology, Friendship and Sports.

Finally, random conversations can become meaningful relationships courtesy of ‘Contacts’ functionality. Users can add other users they randomly ended up talking with, or import contacts from their Gmail and Hotmail and other popular email services.