How Aol Spends Its Money: Episode 40,000 – The Great Scratch Card Hoax

One of the great things about working for Aol is the company’s dedication to making its 5,860 5000 remaining employees happy and motivated.

Only this morning, for example, a package arrived at TCHQ packed full of materials promoting Aol’s “4th Canvas Collection Unveiling” — an initiative where upcoming artists are commissioned to produce art to promote the Aol “brand”. Sounds awesome, right? Right.

But it gets better: also included in the package were scratch cards, allowing we loyal Aol foot-soldiers the chance to (quote) “WIN A LIMITED EDITION SIGNED ARTIST PRINT FROM THE NEW COLLECTION!” Surely even a cynic like me could get on board with that, right?

RIGHT! I grabbed my Aol hat, raced to a browser window and… well… video below…