The iChair: You Know, A Chair For Your iPad

If you’re not familiar with the famed iChair line then you’re in for a treat. The iChair is basically a case with a little chair stuck to it. When you’re ready to stand your iPhone or 1st gen iPad up on your desk you can be all like “BAM! CHAIR ACTIVATE!” (not really) and you’ve got an iPad or iPhone that’s standing the freak up by itself.

Well what about the iPad 2? Does it have an iChair? NOT YET! But if this Kickstarter project gets funded, that will all change. You can get your very own iChair for a $35 pledge and if you pledge $50 you get a back rub thrown in (back rub not available in most areas.) But even if you don’t want the back rub, the iChair is still a real item of genius and deserves our support.


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