The HTC Flyer Is Now Available In The US… But Through An Expensive Importer

The HTC Flyer tablet debuted at MWC 2011 last month. It’s arguably “just another tablet” a tablet version of HTC Sense running on top of Android 2.2. No matter, the tablet is already on European shelves leaving stateside buyers feeling the regional release shaft. But there’s an option if you simply must own HTC’s first-gen tablet. Just a warning though, owning the European-spec Flyer in the US comes at a price — a high price.

Popular Electronics cuts all the hassle with importing a gadget and they just put the all-aluminum Flyer up for sale with free 3 to 5 day shipping. However, they’re selling it for a whopping $900, which is likely a few extra Benjamins over the unannounced MSRP. But this is the only option right now to buy the 3G version in America. Sprint announced that the Flyer will hit their US network as the EVO View 4G but failed to mention when. So either buy the 3G version that should work on T-Mobile’s US network or wait a few weeks until Sprint launches their 4G version. Your call, fanboy. [Popular Electronics via UberGizmo]