Anti-Spyware Maker GFI Labs Claims Responsibility In The Samsung Keylogger Scandal

“A Slovenian language directory for Windows Live is causing us considerable headaches this morning, and we have no one to blame but ourselves.” That’s right from the GFI Labs’ blog. The Vipre anti-spyware maker is claiming for responsibility for the little Samsung keylogger incident that caused an understandable uproar yesterday after the software provided a false positive keylogger warning.

In short, GFI Labs confirmed Samsung’s explanation that a rarely-used and aggressive anti-spyware method in the VIPRE software flagged the Slovenian language directory as the Starlogger keylogger. Apparently the C:\WINDOWS\SL is also the directory Starlogger uses and the obscure detection mode was looking at directory names. GFI Labs states “these types of detections are seldom used, and when they are, they are subject to an extensive peer review and QA process.”

So once again Samsung notebook owners, your notebooks did not ship with keyloggers and anything infections found are probably on you or your housemates. [GFI Labs via Network World]