CrunchDeal: Fruit Ninja for Android free on the Amazon Appstore, today only

Amazon wants you to use their brand new Android Appstore. So much so, in fact, that they’re coughin’ up the cash to offer up one free app per day that would otherwise set you back a buck or two. While we’re not going to cover each and every daily deal (you can find’em right over here), today’s free app is one of our favorites: Fruit Ninja.

For those who haven’t discovered the art of unleashing your rage on an endless stream of flying fruit, Fruit Ninja is a game wherein you… unleash your rage on an endless steam of flying fruit. You “slash” at the fruit by dragging your finger across the screen, all while avoiding the instant-kill bombs and trying to keep any fruit from slipping by unslashed. It’s a pretty simple game — but the most addictive ones always are. Plus, it’s, you know. Free.

You can find out how to finagle the Amazon Appstore onto your Android phone right over here.