The Official HTC Flyer Video Shows Why This Upcoming Tablet Doesn't Need Honeycomb

The HTC Flyer, or the Sprint Evo View 4G here in the states, is the firm’s first tablet and as the offiical demo video embedded here shows, it does things a bit differently than other Android tablets. The Flyer is a curated experience thanks to the tablet-ifed version of HTC Sense. Just watch the video and count the amont of 3rd party apps demonstrated in the 6 minute video. (there’s just one: Onlive) Underneath the seemingly endless supply of first-party apps is Android 2.4 rather than the new hotness that is Honeycomb. We called it a potential fatal misstep when HTC unveiled the Flyer last month, but this video shows that the Flyer has enough going for it.

Okay, Android fanboys, calm down. It’s easy to stand up and yell, “iPad killer!” because, well, the Flyer at least seems to have the goods. However it’s important to remember that Apple has fantastic distribution and marketing channels that HTC cannot match. But that’s fine. There’s nothing stopping you from buying the Flyer yourself and totally enjoying your purchase. Consumer choice FTW.