Alleged Spy Pics Surface Of Kyocera "Katsura" Tablet

Yeah, it’s April 1st, so let’s just put our skeptical hats on, but I don’t really see much reason to fake a random tablet from a random company like Kyocera. Supposedly this “gaming tablet” (whatever that means) is about 10-11mm thin, and is adorned with little flowers on the back.

“Katsura” is the Japanese word for a kind of tree, though the buds on the back appear to be of the unrelated Cercis genus. The decoration and name are the kind of consistent branding that suggest to me this isn’t fake, but beyond that there’s little we can tell. Kyocera is making a tablet… and if it’s as weird as the Echo, it’ll at least stand out from the crowd.

Head over to Android Community for the rest of the shots. Keep the date in mind, though.