Probably Fake: Windows Phone 7 Running On A Nokia N8

Friggin’ April Fools day. If your job at all focuses around the news, you might as well throw the ol’ Internet box out the window and call it a snow day. For every good story floating around out there, there’s a dozen pranks trying to sneak onto your front page. Take the video above, for example, supposedly showing a Nokia N8 running Windows Phone 7. A handful of sites posted it throughout the morning, only to actually watch the video, realize what day it was, and take it down within about 20 minutes.

Why it’s probably shenanigans*:

  • The video was posted the night before April Fool’s day. That pretty much seals the deal.
  • Note the shoddy camera angle. They went through the trouble of acquiring an N8 running Windows Phone 7 (or somehow hacked it on themselves) but didn’t think to take more than a few seconds of poorly framed footage?
  • Though the framing makes it a bit tough to tell, the thumb swiping at 0:09 seems a bit off. The thumb continues to swipe up, but the screen doesn’t follow along. Did they reach the bottom? Nope: when they pan the camera down a bit, you can see that there’s still a tile or two down there.

Aw, well. It shouldn’t be too much longer before we see actual footage of WP7 running on Nokia hardware, but this probably isn’t it. In the meantime, go check out our big list of April Fool’s Day 2011 pranks.

* If all else fails, I love April Fools day simply because it gives me reason to use the word “Shenanigans”