The Tupperware Turret: The Cake Container Is A Lie

I realize this is a bad day to show off something amazingly cool, but this turret is worth the abuse. Basically it’s a Tupperware cake container with an airgun inside. It uses a small microcontroller and an IR sensor to accept commands and it can swivel and tilt up and down to take on attackers from all sides. A press of the green button fires and a press of the red button stops the gun.

With these thoughts in mind, I set out to build my own turret that I’ll be able to use against my enemies. Airsoft style. The only burden I will place on myself while building this awesome airsoft turret is that the design involve as few steps as possible from beginning to end, making it reasonably simple for anyone to reproduce.

There are full instructions on the Project Page so you and your loved ones can prepare your own special experiments at home using common household materials.

Project Page via Make