Tired Of Waiting For The Big Windows Phone 7 Update? Get Your Hack On!

Not too long ago, Microsoft put up a page outlining when various Windows Phone 7 handsets would start getting the long-awaited Copy/Paste update. The overall gist: for most of’em, it was going to be a while. It wasn’t unexpected, really; after things went wrong with the itty-bitty update meant solely to prep handsets for the real update, everyone’s being a bit more cautious this time around.

But this is the Internet, where making people wait for what they want is just a roundabout way of saying “Please, feel free to hack things together yourself.”

And now that’s exactly what’s been done. Building upon a tool released by Microsoft themselves, handset hacker Chris Walsh has thrown together a tool that will auto-update just about any Windows Phone 7 handset to the latest build in no time flat.

To make a short story shorter: a few days ago, Microsoft released a Windows Phone 7 repair tool. At face value, the tool simply fixed a few of the errors that folks were having with the earlier update process. Behind that facade, though, was a tool capable of manually updating Windows Phone 7 handsets — and it was ripe for the hackin’. Within a few hours, Chris Walsh had it flashing damn near every Windows Phone 7 handset up to the latest release, regardless of carrier/model. (We say “damn near” because it’s reportedly having issues with one handset, the LG Panther. I’m pretty sure that phone was only released to developers, though.)

Ready to get your handset up and running on NoDo? You can find all the details right over here. Make sure you read carefully, though, or you’re just taking the quick road to a busted handset.