Order now! Nu-Screen Is A Screen Protector In Chapstick Form

I have to say I’m skeptical of a product that is not only inadequately described on its own page, but clearly can’t be removed, but hey. Maybe it works! This Nu-Screen stuff appears to be a coating you put on your mobile’s screen (or anything else, I suppose) that protects against scratches and helps dirt and oil wash off. But wait! There’s more!

It also creates “a richer, more intense screen display.” If there’s anything that raises a red flag, it’s that. The coating on the display isn’t going to make anything more intense. It’s like saying “turn the lights down, it makes things brighter!” I’m also afraid it won’t be easy to apply correctly, since it is essentially a Glu-stick.

Well, if you’re curious, you can order it here. Comes with a free “Laser Etched” microfiber cloth.