Report: Sony Android 3.0 Tablet To Hit The US This Summer (And Sony Kind Of Confirms It)

Japan’s biggest business daily The Nikkei reported some vague news today about a new tablet Sony is supposedly planning. According to the article (which has now been deleted on the newspaper’s Japanese website), Sony CEO Howard Stringer has said that his company is ready to launch an Android 3.0 tablet “this summer”.

Stringer was also quoted as saying that the Honeycomb device will hit the US, the biggest market for tablets, first (the picture above shows the Sony Dash).

Japanese tech news site AV Watch has followed up [JP] in the meantime: it just published an official statement from a Sony spokesperson who says the tablet will arrive “by year-end” and that further details will follow “sometime later”.

It looks like the Nikkei news item is more substantial than the one from the Wall Street Journal we reported on in March 2010.