Taser, Taser, FUN: Reporter Gets Shot By The Guts Of The Taser Grenade

Sure this is a permutation of the old old news chestnut, “Reporter gets shot by Taser, falls to ground,” but this one involves the Taser Grenade, a little lump of Taser goodness that shoots out 50,000 volts of sweet crowd control. Watch as Justin Rocket Silverman feels the wrath of the great Electricity Goddess and feel just a bit safer knowing that some dude with a hair trigger may throw one of those at you when things get a little rowdy at a Sum 41 concert this summer.

First off, the grenade’s 50,000-volt charge, as you might imagine, is extremely unpleasant. Every voluntary muscle in the body yanks tight, as a sizzling crackle of electrons fills the air, making it impossible to move. Its white-hot barbs even leave burn marks on the skin as a surge of electricity scorches your flesh.

via TheDaily