A-97 Knockoff Tablet Dual-Boots Windows 7 And Android 2.2

Do you want a tablet that has not one, but two OSes not designed for tablets? There are a couple choices out there, but the A-97 has to be the most anonymous. It’s like a debranded iPad with netbook guts, able to switch between Windows 7 and Android 2.2 with the greatest of ease. I mean, you have to restart it and everything, but still. That’s pretty easy.

It’s got a Z530 1.6GHz Atom, a gig of RAM, and 16GB of SSD storage. The 9.7″ 1024×768 LED-backlit IPS display is from LG and may in fact be the same one as the iPad. Visually it’s a pretty decent copy of that particular tablet, but I get the feeling it’s not quite the same user experience. Wake me up when they dual boot Chrome and Android 3.1.

[via MICgadget]