Shpigler The Shark’s advice to Mark Zuckerberg – Walk like a man, get a nice shirt

“Shpigler the Shark” is a Tel Aviv-based advisor to startups. Whether fictional or real, this guy is funny. He’s already given his advice to Yahoo back when it might even have been listening. Today at Techonomy, he debuted his latest missive, this time to Mark Zuckerberg.

What is the future of Facebook? Ask Shpigler!

“From here you can only go down. Don’t be Myspace,” he starts, gently.

“Make some changes. Enough with the Like. Do Unlike. Be evil. Start a war maybe? Not nuclear… but war.” It gets better.

“Hey, Mark, you’re the face of the book. Walk like a man. Buy a nice shirt. Like mine!”

The rest of the advice is almost plausible: Hire all of Google and buy Twitter. “10% for this idea!”

And lastly, my favourite: “You are Facebook, we are the people of the book. Let’s do something together!”