Video: Talking Parakeet Toy Repeats What You Say, Randomly Blurts Out Phrases

Takara Tomy in Japan has started selling Manekko P-Chan [JP], a small parakeet toy that repeats what you say (4 seconds maximum), twice, and just seconds after “hearing” your voice. You can also “teach” P-Chan phrases that it stores in its memory and repeats at random times later, just like a real bird would do.

These phrases can be deleted and replaced with new ones, but Takara Tomy says that each of the three P-Chan versions comes with a set of pre-programmed sentences to create a specific personality. The blue one, for example, is a “romanticist” and is sure to blurt out things like “I love you so much” (in Japanese) when it feels like it.

Each P-Chan weighs 46g and is powered by three LR44 button batteries.

You can ask specialized shopping services like the Japan Trend Shop, Rinkya, or Flutterscape to get one shipped to you, but I am not sure how well P-Chan can imitate English.

Here’s Takara Tomy’s official (Japanese) promo video: