Let's back The Startup Kids – A documentary that needs to be seen

Oh, how I wish I’d done this myself. The Startup Kids is a to-be-released documentary about young web entrepreneurs in the U.S…. and Europe. That’s actually what’s nice about it – for the first time we have (outside of our work here on TechCrunch Europe) some media which finds a common thread of entrepreneurs running between the two continents.

There’s a nice underlying theme here too. The recession has created many new startups often out of sheer necessity, and that’s exactly what these two Icelandic girls, Sesselja Vilhjalmsdottir and Vala Halldorsdottir did – they went out and got started. But although they got an EU grant to do the filming, they still need additional funding to finish post-production as well as funds for promoting and premiering the film.

So in order to help them we’re releasing the trailer exclusively on Techcrunch, watch it below. You can pledge your support by backing them on Kickstarter so they can finish the film – and we can get to see 70 interviews with leading entrepreneurs.

Just some of the interviews are with the founders of Vimeo, Soundcloud, PlayFish, WordPress, Posterous and many others who talk about how they started their company and their lives as an entrepreneur.

On the way they’ve had some advertures, such as getting questioned by security for trying to sneak into the Google cafeteria and some interesting scenes shot at a Berlin start-up brunch.

Among the rewards for pledging for them on Kickstarter will be: 30 minutes Skype advisory calls with Zach Klein, founder of Vimeo and Jens Begemann, founder of Wooga. Also people can pledge for getting an executive producer title etc.

When done, TechCrunch Europe will hold a special premier for the film in London.

The Startup Kids Trailer from The Startup Kids on Vimeo.