Psyko Expands Surround Sound Headphone Line With Carbon, Krypton

I’ve seen Psyko at the last two CESes, both times with their original product, a headset that uses a totally unique system to provide real surround sound. But they’ve finally put out two new headsets, both refinements to the original design.

The Carbon and Krypton don’t seem to advance the science so much as just refreshing the look and feel. The important part of their product is the actual surround sound, of course, and both sets have that — so improving fit, weight, ergonomics, and so on are the next things to do.

The Krypton will be the direct replacement for the old 5.1 set, and includes “market-based improvements,” which probably means things customers complained about. The Carbon, though, is the luxury version, with gold-plated connectors, a braided cord, more high-performance speakers, and better construction.

They both come with a little amp/puck that lets you adjust the sound and even includes a helpful directional indicator. The Krypton is $150, the Carbon is $200, and both are available now. Yeah, kind of expensive, but those of use who’ve tried it here at CG think that the real surround sound thing is actually quite cool.