BlackBerry Torch 2 Gets A Pre-Announcement Hands-On, As Well

Line’em up, and shoot’em down. Following up on his hands-ons with the full touchscreen BlackBerry Monaco, and the half touchscreen half keyboard BlackBerry Bold Touch, Boy Genius is back with yet another installment of “bursting RIM’s bubble”. This time, it’s the BlackBerry Torch 2.

The rundown:

  • According to BG, the Torch 2 “is really what the original Torch should have been”, touching on the fact that the original Torch was grossly underpowered.
  • The unit’s outward appearance is more or less identical.
  • Known specs: 1.2 Ghz CPU, 640×480 display, BB OS 6.1
  • Should be announced alongside the Monaco/Bold Touch at BlackBerry World, with a launch date on AT&T somewhere around july

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Check out the full hands-on gallery over here.