TerreStar's Genus Satellite Phone Goes On Sale To The (Rich) General Public

Do you find yourself stranded on deserted islands or in post-apocalyptic situations often? Are you a secret spy (don’t answer that)? Don’t mind using a 2 year old operating system that was already antiquated by the time it launched? Have $900 sitting around to throw at a phone? Non-existent-friend, do I have a deal for you!

As part of AmazonWireless’ beta program, TerreStar has decided to offer the Genus satellite phone — a handset usually only available to government agencies and super big corporations — to the general public. The catch(es): it’s running Windows Mobile 6.5, the specs are pretty weak by today’s standards, and it’s $900 friggin’ dollars. Oh, and satellite calls cost something like 65 cents per minute.