BlackBerry Touch (Monaco) Gets The Pre-Release Video Treatment

Aaaand the BlackBerry leak avalanche continues. First came a handful of stills focused on RIM’s next full face touchscreen handset, known around the rumor mill as either the “BlackBerry Touch”, or by its codename, the “Monaco”. Then came stills of the BlackBerry Bold Touch 2, followed up shortly thereafter with stills of the BlackBerry Torch 2. Unless they pull off some sort of mind-wiping voodoo, RIM probably won’t have much to announce when BlackBerry World rolls around in May.

Today, we’re circling all the way back around to the BlackBerry Touch — but this time, it’s video. The language is one I don’t recognize and, unfortunately, my babelfish is misbehaving these days. As such, I’ve got no idea what’s being said, be it “This is the best handset I’ve ever used!” or “Oh god! This is garbage!” Anyone out there care to translate?

[ via CrackBerry]