Piano Forte: Final Audio Design's Very, Very Expensive Earphones

Audio fans know that Japan-based Final Audio Design isn’t exactly known for its low prices, and the four new earphones the company added to its earphone line-up aren’t exceptions. While the “cheapest” model of the so-called Piano Forte series will cost $940, the most expensive one will be priced at a staggering $2,650.

Here are all new models:

Piano Forte VIII ($940 in Japan/brass housing, gold plating):

Piano Forte IX ($1,180/stainless steel housing, mirror finished):

Piano Forte X-CC ($2,650/chrome copper housing, ion plating):

Piano Forte X-G (unknown street price, but chances are it’s as expensive as the X-CC/chrome copper housing, gold plating):

In Japan, Final Audio Design plans to start selling the 16Ω/108dB earphones within this month.

Via AV Watch [JP]