Verizon Drops The "Can You Hear Me Now?" Guy

It’s the end of an era, folks. We’re moving from the “Time when Verizon ‘Can You Hear Me Now?’ jokes were a bit stale” era to the “Time when Verizon jokes weren’t even topical” era. The Verizon Guy — or as he’s known around Verizon, “Test Man” (or as he’s known around real life, Paul Marcarelli) — has been let go.

According to Marcarelli (in an interview with the Atlantic), his 9 year stint ended back in September when ol’ red shot him an e-mail along the lines of “We’re going in a different direction”. Don’t sweat it, Paul: 9 years is a helluva run. That god-awful Toyota Highlander kid only got around 3 months!