Wii Successor Rumors Heat Up: Far More Powerful Console To Show At E3, Launch In 2012

We heard in March that a new Nintendo console was slated for an E3 release. We also heard more recently that the Wii is getting a price cut in May. The rumor mill is grinding, grinding, and an anonymous source claiming Nintendo is already showing the console to developers is adding grist today.

Game Informer says they’ve “heard from multiple sources” that the new, HD-capable system will be launching at E3 — if not before. Kotaku adds that the system may actually leapfrog the PS3 and 360 in terms of power.

The console would be announced at E3 but wouldn’t actually ship until 2012. Nintendo has teased its consoles a long ways ahead of time historically, so this wouldn’t be a surprise. They’re planning on launching with a strong third-party lineup, perhaps hoping to right the wrongs of the Wii.

Do we think this is for real? Personally, I think if Nintendo doesn’t really throw down something big at E3, they run a real risk of being hammered in the console sector, though they’re probably safe in handhelds. Last year it would have been a surprise, but this year, not showing something would be a surprise.

Update: More rumors (tracked here). Maybe someone just got fired and is info-dumping at some bar:

HD screen in controller – I’m not buying the HD, but a screen in the controller would make for DS-style control of inventory, commands, etc. That’d be pretty cool. But why not just use a DS? I’d guess that this theoretical “HD” screen will have the same resolution as a 3DS bottom screen.