Text While Driving In Connecticut, Lose Your License For A Day

I’m a pretty chill driver — there’s really not much that can set me off. Don’t use your turning signal? Meh. Driving slow in the passing lane? Eh, whatever. Text while driving, though.. do that, and you’re pretty much my least favorite person. You’re putting others lives at risk by driving a 3,000 pound missile blind, all so you can have conversations that are almost always forgettable and nigh meaningless. Stupid.

Most states have already banned texting while driving, with varied results. Some studies are showing that texting-related crash rates aren’t going down, as people are still doing it on the sly. The next step? Increase the punishment. Today, the state of Connecticut’s Judiciary Committee has voted to increase the repeat offender rate from $150 to $500. Plus, they threw in a special twist: if the cop is feeling particularly angry, they can take your license for a day. You wouldn’t even be allowed to drive home after getting the ticket.

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