Acer Gets New Head Of Smartphones And Tablets

After ousting previous tablet lead Gianfranco Lanci, Acer has named Jim Wong as head of their Touch Business Group (Touch BG) and PC Global Operations (PCGO). After a series of wildly unsuccessful tablet launches, including the inscrutable Iconia, Lanci resigned. Wong, who led Acer’s IT initiatives, has been with the company for a little over a decade.

Acer Chairman and CEO, J.T. Wang, states, “For the past ten years Jim has led Acer’s global IT operations, including product development and logistics. In that time he has shown outstanding leadership and made important contribution to the company. He has also worked closely with our regional operations to thoroughly understand the needs of our marketing and channels at the front end operations. Therefore, we regard Jim as a well-qualified candidate to step into the role of Acer corporate president.”

Wang continues, “The presidential candidacy must fulfill company’s needs for future development, and show capability to lead the company forward. As the ICT industry shifts from single to multiple operating system platforms, it opens up new challenges as well as new opportunities. Acer needs a leader who is familiar with technology, as well as understands the market. We reviewed Jim’s potential and agreed he would fit well in the role.”

via NetbookNews