AT&T Blocking The Blackberry Bridge App For Playbook

Bloops! AT&T is blocking Blackberry’s Bridge app for Playbook, the simple app that allows you to view your Blackberry Phone email on the Playbook. Seeing as the Playbook doesn’t have a native email client, this is a pretty big deal.

Slashgear tried to download the app today and found it blocked on the AT&T Torch. They are positing that this has something to do with tethering plans although many Playbook proponents are under the impression that tethering will be free on these devices.

We’ve got a call into AT&T to figure this out.


AT&T is working with RIM to make the BlackBerry Bridge app available for AT&T customers. We have just received the app for testing and before it’s made available to AT&T customers we want to ensure it delivers a quality experience for our customers.