Dell Finally Announces The M18x, M14x And The M11x R3 Gaming Notebooks

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Dell had a hard time keeping a lid on its new Alienware gaming notebook kits. Info leaked for the last couple of months, but Frank Azor, Senior Vice President/General Manager Product Group at Alienware, just announced the trio through a webcast and these models are hot. No, really. They’re probably get pretty damn hot considering the specs.

The 16lbs M18x hits with several factory-overclocked Core i7 options, the latest dual-GPU options from AMD and Nvidia, and up to 32GB of RAM. Wireless audio, HDMI-in and out along with USB 3.0 round out the specs of the massive notebook. An 18-inch 1920 x 1080 screen distracts buyers while the $1,999 sticker sneaks onto the credit card sometime next month.

The M14x might have a smaller 14-inch screen but it’s not lacking in the spec department. The computing muscle is powered by a Core i7 2820QM or Core i7 2630QM with a 3GB or 1.5GB Nvidia GeForce GT555M and up to 8GB of RAM. Pricing starts out at $1199 and ships on May 10th.

The little powerhouse M11x got an update today as well. Dell claims the included 8-cell battery can run for 10 hours. That claim is probably not for those looking to fire up Portal 2 on either the Core i5 2537M or the Core i7 2617M although the mobile 1GB or 2GB Nvidia GT540M GPU probably helps extend the battery life a bit. The 11-incher hits at $999 and is also shipping early next month.