E la Carte: Table-Top Computers Bring Restaurants To The Future (With Bonus Trivia!)

When you stop and think about it, the restaurant song-and-dance routine we’ve all memorized is a bit strange: we take our seats, wait, order some drinks, wait, order some food (and some smalltalk with the waiter), wait, eat til we’re full, wait, become frustrated that our waiter has apparently gone on their break and look around until we catch the busboy’s eye and make the “Check, please?” hand gesture, furrow our brows as we attempt to do mental math (made all the more difficult by that lunchtime margarita), hand over a stack of credit cards adorned with post-its to indicate how much to charge on each, sign our receipts (how much is 20%?), and, finally, get up to leave.


E la Carte, a Y Combinator-funded startup that’s making its big public debut today, is looking to mix things up a bit. The company is also announcing that it’s raised more than $1 million from investors including SV Angel, Dave McClure, Joshua Schachter, and Roy Rodenstein.

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