50% Of Apple's Revenue Now Comes From The iPhone

Over the last 3 months (December 26th, 2010 – March 26th, 2011), Apple pulled in a grand total of 24.6 billion dollars. Now, how much of that do you think is from the iPhone? 10%? 25%?

Get this: 50%. Yep. According to Apple’s latest earning report, an entire half of Apple’s quarterly revenue is coming in from the iPhone and iPhone-related products.

As we mentioned earlier, Apple sold 18.65 million iPhones last quarter. This works out to roughly 12.3 billion dollars in revenue — or 50% — for the iPhone division alone.

Of course, its worth mentioning that these numbers aren’t based on just iPhone hardware — it also includes “Related Products and Services”. According to a footnote in Apple’s report, this is defined as revenue from “carrier agreements, services, and Apple-branded and third-party iPhone accessories.” It does not, however, include revenue from the App Store (that’s categorized as iTunes revenue), iPod touches, or iPads.

To dive back into old data for a second, the iPhone is getting more and more important with each quarter. In fiscal Q4 2010, the iPhone accounted for roughly 33%. In Q1 2011, it was 39%. If you’re looking for a reason as to why Apple is getting increasingly bullish about protecting the iPhone, that ought to do it.