Toshiba Announces Battery-Powered Regza TV

Do you remember the battery-powered REGZA PC1 Power TVs Toshiba announced for certain emerging markets last November? Today, the company said in Tokyo it plans to launch a similar (but different) 19-inch LCD Regza TVĀ  – but in Japan.

Details are scarce at this point, but Japanese tech news site AV Watch reports that the main bullet point will be the peak shift function. When the power goes out, users just need to push the “Peak Shift” button on the top right of their remote control to switch to the battery.

The background here is that stable power supply could become a problem in certain parts of Japan, as an effect of power shortages seen after the big earthquake from March 11.

Toshiba says the battery lasts for about 3 hours and that the TV will come with a 1Seg module for terrestrial digital TV.

The company plans to start selling the TV in Japan on July 1 for $480-605 (price isn’t fixed yet).