Verizon's First Droid Charge Commercial Is… Uh… Mysterious?

Back when the original Droid came out, the marketing campaign had a two-part approach. Half of the commercials were “DROID DOES” commercials, which played up the Droid as the anti-iPhone and highlighted all of the things that Android did that iOS could not. The other half were over-the-top (though admittedly quite cool), super-ambiguous commercials that substituted any actual information about the phones with lasers and explosions.

Given that Verizon sells the iPhone now, the whole “LOL iPHONE SUX!!!” campaign is probably a no go these days. So now they’re going back to ambiguity, lasers, and explosions. Or, in the case of this DROID Charge teaser here: ambiguity, magnets, and Cloverfield-esque camera work.